Adventures in Sailing-November

It seemed like a good idea. Let's go sailing, there's a gale warning!!. Dan Jordan called me Wednesday morning, November 10.
"Lets' go sailing later, I'm getting off from work around 1."
I tell him I'll be there. Everyone at work jokingly tells me I should go sailing, but they think I'm crazy when I tell them I'll be at lunch 3 hours so I can sail.
You're crazy. I heard that allot.
I meet Dan at Cargil (oops, Galigher beach). No one is there. It's really cranking. This doesn't bode well.
Where is everyone?
Dan and I rig our smallest gear, hoping it's small enough.

We head out.

The first run goes real well, I hook in and plane instantly. I have to run parallel with the shore, but I'm screaming. I jibe. Well, I tried to jibe, but I get too close to shore and I bail in knee deep water. I gather my gear and head back. I can't seem to plane, this end of the beach seems to be a little less windy. I stand up more to get more wind. A 50 mph or so gust rips me out of the footstraps and over the front. OUCH!! that hurts!. I try for 10 minutes to get back up the beach. I give up and walk back.  I regroup and try again. This time I make it down and back. I have to struggle with the wind gusts and holes. One minute I'm pumping to plane, then I can't seem to pull hard enough to sheet in. I tire in no time. I rest back at the van to get out of the wind ( I can't hear myself think).

Roman shows up to see what's up. He calls me crazy, and then leaves (there is that word again). Dan and I take a few more stabs at it. I get one more good run and call it a day. We  derig and head for home (well, back to work for me). When I get there, my fingers don't work right and I have trouble holding on to things. My forearms are spent. I realize I got I months worth of sailing crammed into a   couple of hours.

It seemed like a good  idea.