Hatteras Report: 
Dave Moomaw, Tony Hynes, Dennis Scheer & wife, share "Sound Seclusion" on Dory Rd. in Salvo for a week.
Dave arrives on Saturday, 9/26, Tony doesn't get there until the 27th, and Dennis & wife arrive on the 28th.
Winds are consistent but definitely not nuclear.  That's fine with us. The water is warm and there are no jellyfish to be seen.  Trunks and a t-shirt are standard apparel when sailing. The best sailing is from 7 - 9 A.M.  Winds are strong and consistent and we're planing like madmen while the other surfers in the area are having coffee.   Most days, the wind is consistently 10-15 with some higher gusts....at one point, it's blew 5.0, but only for a short time.  Winds rapidly returned to the 10-15 range.
Overall, it was a great week.  Good weather, reasonable wind, breathtaking sunsets, and schools of fish passing within feet of shore...something I never saw on Hatteras before. Some information for those of you who rent "Sound Seclusion":  the owner, Dan Hoar ...who turns out to be a really decent guy, has installed a large hot tub on the back deck.  However, he also told me that a dentist from Vermont likes the place so much that he rents it for
three weeks in the spring and three in the fall.   These are the same times that our group rents it, so the competition for rented time is going to get tough.  He advised us to book early to make sure we get what we want.
Additionally, "Hav Too", located on Rte. 12 a couple of blocks from Dory Rd. is now called, "Sounds of Silence".  It isn't listed with any realtor that I could find, so it may be off the market as a rental property. Getting soundfront rentals with good water access is going to become
more difficult.   If you're thinking of renting in Avon instead, talk with someone who has rented there in the past to find the right properties.  Some of the "soundfront" properties there have little islands offshore that make getting to open water an ordeal on light wind
days. Here's looking forward to next year's trip.
Tony Hynes