One Saturday this year (1998), I think it was the first Saturday, I really had the urge to sail. I'd never gotten around to removing the Gorge Rack from my car, even though I've had to answer the same question about a zillion times (you know, What are those for?) I decided that:
1. it looked windy enough to sail, but it was hard to tell without leaves on the trees.
2. It seemed warm enough to sail. (It was about 45 degrees)
3. I was certainly dumb enough to try.
I loaded up the car.

In a very brief moment of common sense, I decided to see if Hoppy might want to sail (I didn't want to sail alone in an ice cold lake). I called Hoppy and caught him just before he left TO GO SAILING!!. " Yeah, come on up, dude, there's a bunch of us at Bertie Bay". I was off. As I drove over the Peace Bridge and entered customs, I think the customs agent though I was off, too. He asked three times where I was going and what I was doing. Finally he let me in. I raced off to the beach. In January. To sail. That seemed so weird and sooo coool!!!

I met Hoppy and a few other hardy souls and rigged up. The wind would cycle up and down, from 10 to 30 mph. I slogged, I planed, I screamed. I had a riot, I was SAILING IN THE DEAD OF WINTER!!! WHAT A RUSH.

To make a long story short, I sailed till the wind died, and headed home. Brian taped all of us (well, he set the camera up in the van, then sailed) so there is proof. Should everyone sail in the winter? No, it's just like any other sailing. Not everyone should sail in 40 mph winds and a 10 foot swell, either. You should always, always, always sail within your skill and comfort level. If the waves and wind are too much for you, just sit it out and watch the other fools, I mean sailors challenge themselves. Either way, it's a blast.