Winter Sailing
by Hoppy


Hey there all you windsurfing diehards! Want to extend your windsurfing season, possibly two months through February’s chill? Then come to Canada’s Abino Bay at Crystal Beach and enjoy Ice Boarding. From February through March Abino Bay freezes smooth and large. Share the ice with ice boats launched from the Buffalo Canoe Club or the public access road at Point Abino. I would like to invite all club members to meet me on some of those beautiful, pristine, sunny February days, when the air is sparkling and winter is at peace. Bring a picnic lunch, much like we do during the summer sailing picnics, and spend a Saturday or Sunday on the ice with skaters, skiers, and sailors at a huge winter picnic!

I have several ice boards and ski rigs I have developed over 15 years of windsurfing. These will be available for riders to plug their sails into and practice jibs and slalom techniques. These ice boards will cruise 3 to 4 times faster than the wind, and even in 4 knots, speeds of 15 to 20 are easily maintained. Also 4 knots of wind makes for a comfortable Family Picnic/Winter Carnival.

Come on, its winter, enjoy. Call me at 1-905-871-7779 on some classic winter weekend and arrange to meet me at Abino Bay. Bring your sail rigs and experience winter’s finest offering.