Gallagher Beach-Cargil, Buffalo small boat harbor
Amenities: Grassy Rigging Cleaned up beach
Sailing conditions: Best on southwest to northwest
Depending on your position in the channel, you can sail waves, chop or perfectly flat water. On really windy days, you can sail in 30 mph winds in 2 inch chop 30 feet from the breakwall, a totally cool ride. Steer clear of the left hand side when the wind is from the northwest. The wind bounces off the grain elevator, It is windy till you get close, then it dies and you have to swim back to the wind.
There is grassy rigging area.
Launch: pea gravel
Parking: Parking is free with room for 50 or so cars in the lot
Extras: This launch is protected on all four sides. There are jetties on the sides and a breakwall 1/2 mile of the beach. A good place if your skills aren't up to the challenge of large waves. When it's reall windy, the chop bounces off the sides to create a real washing machine effect.
This launch is a favorite with the Jet Ski set.


to get there:
Rt. 5 along the lake. Heading west, exit at the Small Boat Harbor, Heading east, exit at Ohio street, keep left and take the first left under Rt. 5.Turn left (one way street, you can only turn left).
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