Hoaks -
Amenities: none
Sailing conditions: Best on southwest to northwest
There really is no rigging area, you just rig in the parking lot. Some of the veteran sailors rig in the strip of grass between Hoover Rd and Rt 5, Watch out for the overhead power lines.
Launch: Sandy, Very small beach. The water near the shore is riddled with fin eating rocks. This year the water level is low, so the beach is bigger and the rocks are exposed. there are still two or three large rocks that long fins might hit.
Parking: Parking is free with room for 5 cars at the launch. Maybe 5 more on the street.Note- Cars on the street have been ticketed, especially on Friday Nights.
Extras: None.
This launch is a well used in the summer months when the Hamburg Beach is closed to non residents. The rigging site is always North of Hoaks dumpster. Don't park in the restaurant lot on the weekends. They don't appreciate it.
to get there:
Rt. 5 along the lake.  At the light for Hoover. Turn toward the lake. That little dirt area is the  parking area, directly in front if the light.
Site owner: Unknown
Events planned for this site: None
Comments and news about this site: The water level in the lake is really low this year. There are some new fin eating rocks, some as much as 100 yards from shore. Keep an eye out for them. We will try to get them marked ASAP.