Woodlawn State Park
Amenities : Bathrooms, Life Guards (First Aid
Sailing conditions: Best on southwest to northwest. Southwest makes launching a bit difficult due to the swimming area.

Grass rigging, but it's a long walk to the beach
Launch: Sandy launch, shore break can get big, but waves are pretty clean.
Parking: Plenty of parking, but it will cost you $5 before 5 pm, free afterwards.
Extras: Nice wide beach, launch area is free of rocks, good break
The Life guards get crazy with if you venture near the swimming area, so keep clear.


to get there:
Rt. 5 along the lake. Follow the signs for Woodlawn State Park. There are a couple near the RT 179 and RT 5 intersection (not really an intersection, more like off ramps leading to a traffic circle.)
Site owner: New York State
Events planned for this site: None at this time
Comments and news about this site: The WNYWA has been working with the state on developing this site. Just about every year, there is another developmental study on the site. We are currently trying to get closer access to the water. This would be a fantastic site if the walk to the water was closer. (note: when the site was privately owned, die-hard sailors would brave the walk and the trespassing charge to sail here, is boasts some of the cleanest wave faces on this side of the lake..)